It is June already and it felt like summer was well and truly with us until the thunderstorms came, but the forecast is that summer will return mid June.

We are starting a new 4 week mini series that will take us up to the 4th July when the Government will hopefully make an announcement that churches can start to gather again. Please join with us in praying that this dreadful pandemic would be wiped from the earth, but also join with us in praying that the church will learn from the fresh opportunities given during these times of lock down.

We believe the key to growing our faith is that we are not set in our ways, but that we are pliable and exercise ‘pliancy’, as is the title of this series. We want to be shaped by God by connecting with Him first and foremost in all we do, we want to be good disciples and to live the life He has called us to live before He calls us home or comes back for us.

The next 4 weeks explores these thoughts and raises some questions that we need Godly wisdom to answer.


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Specific links are also made available via our social media pages before the streams, so you can set reminders. We tend to LIVE stream at the earlier time of 10.00am, and the videos are available to watch at anytime from 10.00am (note you can rewind to the start if you joined us late or you can catch up later)


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