Opening Times

Limbrick Wood Baptist Church is open every Monday and Wednesday 9.30am to 11.00am over the summer holiday (see how to register your children below) – If you want a quick tour of the building and what is on offer please see our facebook link from the first Monday morning –

FREE Summer Giveaway

This summer we are part of a number of hubs giving away FREE breakfast packs each week to families who are in greatest need.

You will need to register to get a pack for each child (1 pack contains all the items in the header photo for 5 days – it is very good and you can get this for all your children for 5 weeks!!)

This is a Coventry citywide project run by Coventry City Council working in partnership with voluntary, community and other organisations to create an emergency food network.

Packs are given away on a weekly basis and you need to register at one of the hubs – see this page for more details –

How to Register with us

To register with us at LWBC in Tile Hill and to collect your weekly packs at Limbrick Wood Baptist Church, you can come on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9:30am- 11.00am and we’ll fill out the forms with you, or visit the online form making sure to select Limbrick Wood Baptist Church as the venue: – we will need proof of completing the form, so please bring a screen shot or printout of the children registered.

Once registered you can collect your boxes each week with just a simple tick box process.


If you have any questions please contact us via our Facebook Event or via our contact form.