Since the first, second and third lockdowns have ended we have looked at the guidance and the law and have revised our Risk Assessment to include these changes.


Quick Guide for Church Attendees

  • We will have a COVID-Secure area at the back of church
  • Please take a card if you wish for a socially distanced seating area so that the seat next to you remains unoccupied
  • Respect other peoples choices over social distancing etc
  • The sign in sheet is now at your own request
  • Bring your own cold drinks
  • Return empty cups to the set out table so that they can be collected
  • It is no longer the law to wear face masks but you can if you would like to
  • Singing is allowed
  • There is no longer a one way system
  • Legal requirements for social distancing will no longer apply and you will not need to stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with
  • Tea and Coffee will be provided after the service

That’s it really…


If you don’t know, we must legally have a ‘Risk Assessment (RA)’ in place that is sufficient for the risk of opening a church building (this was first completed on Wednesday 1st July 2020 with further reviews completed on the 17.07.20, 04.08.20, 21.08.20, 29.09.20, 16.10.20, 07.01.2021,  10.04.21, and now the 20th July 2021). We must follow the guidance we have proposed.

Please read and familiarise yourself with our full Risk Assessment (RA) updated 20.07.2021, please click here.