Our Pastor Darren and The BC Family are currently broadcasting a live stream twice a day

SongSet is live in the evening at 8.00pm.

SongRise is in the morning at 10.00am (Saturday morning is a rest day for them) click here to catch up with previous streams

The idea behind these being live broadcasts is for some social interaction, but they are also taking song requests. The evening sessions are a bit more reflective than the slightly more upbeat morning streams, and Jazmine aims to sing a chill out song for you each evening.

Also in the evening are some special events – we have had a campfire special which you can see here in 360 degree vision and as we type this, there is a PoshNosh evening planned where we can all dress up in our best gear as if we are going out… but of course we are not allowed to, so Posh Night Out… but indoors!

To access the live streams as they happen please visit Darren’s Facebook page by clicking here,  and below are a list of previous streams – let us know if you have any problems accessing them. We may have to upload them to YouTube to make them fully accessible.


Previous SongSet (Evening Streams)

Please note that this has been a real learning curve for them to get the technology and the mix volume correct but as the days go by they have managed to get this better – do please encourage them as they try and encourage us (note some videos start after about 20 seconds)


30th March – Listen to Live Stream

29th March – Listen to Live Stream

28th March – Listen to Live Stream

27th March – Listen to CampFire Special

26th March – Listen to Live Stream

25th March – Listen to Live Stream

24th March – Listen to Live Stream

23rd March – Listen to Stream