Eligibility for Trustees and Deacons 2022


In order to prepare a list of names of those eligible and willing to be considered for the roles of Trustees and Deacons, we are asking each member to complete the short questionnaire below by next Friday 12 November 2021. If you would prefer to download this form please click here.

According to the procedure set out in our Constitution (15.11 and 15.3, footnote 32 see over) and the Getting Involved at LW document (5.2 see over), this list will be posted from 14 November after which nominations from that list will be accepted this year until 5 December 2021.

At present, according to our current constitution (15.5), Deacons are not automatically Trustees. In this church it shall be the Minister(s) if any, Elders, Secretary, Treasurer and any named individuals, who together are the Charity Trustees, however an individual can stand for election as both a Trustee and a Deacon, subject to being a church member over 18 and not disqualified.