Reading taken from 1 Peter 5:1-14  (Have it read  to you)

1 Peter is a perfect follow on from all the God has been saying to us as a church throughout 2019, and embraces some of the things we are facing as individuals and as a church at this time.

Although all believers are equal in God’s sight, God gives leaders to his church.  We see from this passage that they are often called elders, because they have the experience and wisdom that comes with age.  However, since they are told to take care of the flock they are also called pastors (shepherds).  Peter does not command them, but appeals to them.  Although he is an apostle, he puts himself on a level with them as a fellow-elder.  He also says that he witnessed Christ’s sufferings.  This recalls the most painful time in his life, when he denied three times that he knew Jesus (Luke 22.54-62).  It was through this experience that he learned how weak he was within himself, and this in turn made him humble.  It is also a reminder to the elders that they must be willing to suffer for Jesus just as Jesus suffered for them.

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