Reading taken from 1 Peter 3:8 – 4:6  (Have it read  to you)

1 Peter is a perfect follow on from all the God has been saying to us as a church throughout 2019, and embraces some of the things we are facing as individuals and as a church at this time.

Our fourth message looks at the importance for believers to live godly lives not only in their homes but in society.  They should desire to show the following qualities in their relationships:

  • harmony – being of one mind, having the same aim of serving God and not their own interests
  • sympathy – feeling for other people as they go through the different circumstances of life (Romans 12.15)
  • brotherly love – because believers are children of God, and brothers and sisters in his family
  • compassion – not ignoring those in need, but taking practical action to help them, as Jesus did when he had compassion (see also Luke 10.33-35).
  • humility – because believers know that they are saved sinners, entirely dependent on God

If you have any questions from the message today, or would like prayer as a result of things you hear, please contact us, we would love to pray for you.