Our building will be closed for services on a Sunday Morning until December 6 unless there is any change within Government, but…

Church is still here… still gathering, still praying, still worshipping, still serving the community, still breaking bread, still welcoming new people/members, still caring for those in the church and community that are lonely, isolated and shielding, still doing mission, still showing love, still reaching out to the world with good news, still doing youth work and children’s work, still seeking God for His plans, still singing when the evening comes!!

…and we are still STREAMING via Facebook and YouTube each Sunday at 9.30am.


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The really good news is that with the recent Tier 2 restrictions coming in to place at 00.01 24th October 2020 for Coventry, there is almost nothing that changes for church and the service will be at the normal time of 10.45am this Sunday morning.

Generally speaking the only thing that affects us is that we can no longer ‘mix’ indoors… 

  • we CAN still sit where we usually sit
  • we CAN have the service as we usually have it
  • we can NOT mingle and ‘catch up’ after the service whilst we are inside. If people want to have a natter then this is fine but must be done outside (and in groups no bigger than 6).

That’s it really… all our health and safety measures are perfect for keeping everyone as safe as is possible, allowing us to be able to worship together! Praise God.


Our Risk Assessment

If you haven’t caught up with our latest Risk Assessment (updated 23rd October 2020), please click here – this has worked really well over the last few months and continues to guide us well.

We have also put together a quick guide of this Risk Assessment on our website which includes the practical steps we all need to take. Note not everyone may be as comfortable as you are with gathering, so please maintain the correct margin of social distancing.

This page also includes a plan to show the flow of traffic through the building.




Opening Times

Limbrick Wood Baptist Church is open every Monday and Wednesday 9.30am to 11.00am over the summer holiday (see how to register your children below) – If you want a quick tour of the building and what is on offer please see our facebook link from the first Monday morning – https://www.facebook.com/100010321422505/videos/1205120589841977

FREE Summer Giveaway

This summer we are part of a number of hubs giving away FREE breakfast packs each week to families who are in greatest need.

You will need to register to get a pack for each child (1 pack contains all the items in the header photo for 5 days – it is very good and you can get this for all your children for 5 weeks!!)

This is a Coventry citywide project run by Coventry City Council working in partnership with voluntary, community and other organisations to create an emergency food network.

Packs are given away on a weekly basis and you need to register at one of the hubs – see this page for more details – https://letstalk.coventry.gov.uk/summer-holiday-breakfast-club-2020

How to Register with us

To register with us at LWBC in Tile Hill and to collect your weekly packs at Limbrick Wood Baptist Church, you can come on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9:30am- 11.00am and we’ll fill out the forms with you, or visit the online form making sure to select Limbrick Wood Baptist Church as the venue: https://tinyurl.com/LWBC-Breakfast – we will need proof of completing the form, so please bring a screen shot or printout of the children registered.

Once registered you can collect your boxes each week with just a simple tick box process.


If you have any questions please contact us via our Facebook Event or via our contact form.


With an ever changing landscape of compliance, legalities, safety and most importantly worship, please visit the page below, by clicking on the preview for the latest information.




Our last 4 week mini-series ‘Pliancy‘ has taken us up to the end of June where we prayed we might be able to open our church buildings again.

As church leaders around the country consider some guidance finally released by the Government, there are understandably lots of things to consider to make our buildings and how we function in them safe places. This will more than likely be a step-by-step process as we see what happens once lock down restrictions are eased.


As we take the next steps ourselves we will launch another 4 week mini-series this Sunday to take us through July, where we will hopefully have a clearer picture of things as we enter into August.

More details about service formats and how everyone can engage safely with these services will be announced later this week following a church leaders / advisers meeting.

Please keep a look out on this website, as well as our Social Media platforms – look for LIMBRICKWOODBC on all platforms.

It is June already and it felt like summer was well and truly with us until the thunderstorms came, but the forecast is that summer will return mid June.

We are starting a new 4 week mini series that will take us up to the 4th July when the Government will hopefully make an announcement that churches can start to gather again. Please join with us in praying that this dreadful pandemic would be wiped from the earth, but also join with us in praying that the church will learn from the fresh opportunities given during these times of lock down.

We believe the key to growing our faith is that we are not set in our ways, but that we are pliable and exercise ‘pliancy’, as is the title of this series. We want to be shaped by God by connecting with Him first and foremost in all we do, we want to be good disciples and to live the life He has called us to live before He calls us home or comes back for us.

The next 4 weeks explores these thoughts and raises some questions that we need Godly wisdom to answer.


Join us

Our services are streamed LIVE on both our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel.

Specific links are also made available via our social media pages before the streams, so you can set reminders. We tend to LIVE stream at the earlier time of 10.00am, and the videos are available to watch at anytime from 10.00am (note you can rewind to the start if you joined us late or you can catch up later)


Catch up

You can catch up on this series by clicking here



We have been encouraging you over the last 6 weeks to engage with personal Bible study, and we have offered suggestions about gathering to study together. Folk have not seemed to pick up on this, so as a trial without asking too much of a commitment it would be good if as a whole church we could try and engage with a 4 day study together starting this Wednesday 29th April (if you missed the start date you can still pick it up).

Why study together? It is good to encourage each other as to where we are individually after 6 weeks of lock down. The study, Gospel Driven Work In The COVID-19 Crisis seems like a good place to start, and depending on how quickly you read (or have it read to you via their reader) it should take about 10-15 minutes to do.

Video Encouragement from Darren

Click video to play




We will use the YouVersion Bible app and the Bible.com website to study together as this seems to be the most accessible platform for everyone.

  • If you already familiar with the app and have it installed, please follow this link to the current invitation.
  • If this is new to you and you want to use this on a mobile device, please see the video Jazmine has put together below to show you how easy it is to use. You will need to download the YouVersion app, go to this link https://www.bible.com/ and on this page are quick links for your device, and a facility to send a message to your phones to make everything easy – don’t forget to watch the video below.
  • If using a computer, please use this link https://tinyurl.com/LWBC-GD-4day it works in a really similar way to the video below, but allows you to do it on your computer. If you have not created an account yet, you will need to do this so people know who you are and are able to interact with you.

The idea of studying together via this platform is that you can share your thoughts at the end of each study session with each other and receive notification of when others leave comments. It also allows total flexibility for all to engage without having to set specific times aside which might not work for everyone.

Please can we encourage you to take part in this 4 day study together.


“How to” video by Jazmine

Click video to play

As our Pastor Darren awoke on Maundy Thursday he said there were a number of thoughts going around his mind, and these have been collated into a video that was shared with the church where possible on various social media platforms.

If you missed this video we have included it for you below with our blessings.

Do please sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates, and see other posts on this website with regards to things that are happening this over this Easter period when we are all on lock down.



We will be completing a The Bible Soceity Course that we started at the beginning of the year as part of our All age Service over the next 6 weeks.

See this page for more details and the FREE Booklet download that accompanies the video series.

***UPDATED*** At the core of Christianity we see in Acts 2:42-47 a picture of the early church:


Acts 2:42-47

The fellowship of the believers

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


As Church Leaders at LWBC and Trustees we believe there is a place where God will honour those who honour Him. This doesn’t mean we are approaching this current situation in a foolish way – our approach is neither to panic nor be complacent, but to have that reverent fear of God above any viruses.

However, due to recent Government suggestions about meeting places to be closed, the leadership team and the trustees believe it is right and proper that we are not seen to be out of step with these suggestions, so there will be no services or gatherings until further notice.

We believe our God is greater and stronger and He is for us – but equally we want others to learn about His love too, and therefore we need to be seen to be people of respect as well.


Sunday Mornings:

With regards to the Sunday Morning teaching, we will pick up The Bible Society video series that we were doing at the All Age Service, and finish these over the next 6 Sundays. Please see this page http://lwbc.org.uk/the-bible-society-video-course/ for more details, and a FREE link to download the booklets that were originally £4.99

There will also be some live streams on Facebook – Darren and The BC Family are currently taking song requests and you can listen in during the morning and evening when they streaming live via Facebook (we understand you don’t need an account to see it – but let us know if this is incorrect) – Darren’s page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010321422505 and previous videos can be found on this page via the image links below:


Finally, let us continue to encourage each other, and look for opportunities to bless others around – let us shine as people of peace full of God’s love, grace and mercy.

If anything changes we will update you – the best way to stay in touch is to sign up to our newsletter which will collate as much info as possible and share it in one go.